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About me

Digital Marketing Seo Freelancer in India

I am an SEO freelancer, and you can hire me to get your website to the top in the Google (SERP). I offer the same services as an SEO agency, just as a freelance SEO. I have been in this SEO (Digital Marketing) field for the last three years and worked on almost all niches such as Real Estate, e-Commerce, Educational, Movers and packers, Adult, etc.

​My main focus while SEO for the industry is to send organic traffic for any cost of my labor and rank with the most prominent keywords with maximum search volume at a particular region. I always think of achieving such a good marketing platform that will help my clients SEO Experts grow in their business. I’m one of the best professional  to give Google the first page rank of your website.

varun seo freelancer

Why Freelance SEO Consultant?

The Decision I made to be a freelancer with taking down a job. It gives me the freedom to work on my hours and choose my clients. These means I do not get a fixed income, but I depend on the work and fees I get from our clients. This further means I do not have a business reputation for hiding behind. I only have My own. It means, I have the versatility in our program to go to places and do stuff, when and where we desire and don’t have to answer to anyone. There is the freedom I wanted, and so we wished this route, as it fit me the most beneficial at the time.

What does an SEO freelancer in India do?

As a freelancer SEO India expert, I do the coequal stuff a standard SEO firm would do, which involves managing the keywords and content for websites. Means I sit with you and find out what exactly your company needs. I also find out more further detail what your business performs, and how I can fix things. I will optimize your website, both off-page and on-page, to improve the website content, as well as the code. I will all past seo work if need and start doing work on the right keyword for your client at the correct location.
Also, a bit of SEO is needed to be worked on social media. For this part, I will put your website on different social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. I will further check out sites, blogs, and directories that are related to yours, and will try to put the link of your website submitting your information to these sites.
i will also try to collect the data from them such as content, links, website design, keywords which would to helpful for your website to rank on the search engine.
I will also look at other sites and see what data I can gather from them, such as keywords and content, that may not have occurred to us, and use that to better your website.

Why choose an SEO freelance over an SEO agency?

There are many reasons to select an SEO freelancer over a company. I will have extra free time to assist you, and I would work on your website outside of the business times, instead of only during our work times. Different is, I am managing on our reputation and hence will deliver the best I can give, no matter what. You too will not have to go into the administration that is the authority and higher-ups from other companies. My work will be tailored to you, and I would work throughout the hours you require us to be there.

What will you get from me?

You will get the right SEO expert, India, who will do everything for your company. I will further keep you updated as I do Your work, and provide you updated, on time and full reports. If you want, I would also give you a full report of our work, and the time I have worked. You will further receive our responsibility and complete attention while working on your project, as I don’t have to rend our time up on various projects. My work, you will also see an increase in profits and hits on your website.

What do we expect from you?

I don’t need a lot from you. I only require some things. I require usernames and passwords for your site and Hosting. I also need some information about your websites, like details of your product and the service area. I also expect you to update me about your website if any changes are required for ranking and lead. generation

Are SEO freelancer professional more expensive than agencies?

Usually, a freelancer SEO Expert, India, will be more affordable than a company. How?? Because I have cheaper costs than a company does typically. I will be ready to provide you a chance and go with you for payments if needed. Whereas different, more prominent, companies do not have this excess. Bigger agencies have a regular rate, no matter the size of the project.

Benefits of choosing an SEO Freelancer?

There are several reasons to pick a freelancer over an agency. I will manage whatever hours needed and not just those emitted by the firm. Also, our prices will be capable of being less and work with you if needed. With an SEO freelance specialist, you will receive one on one regard, and I will be ready to chat with you quickly. It will continuously be just us, vs. with business, you nevermore identify if the person getting to see you now will be the equal as last time.

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